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Summer's Fiiiiiiiiiiine :)

HEEEEEEEY ! :) sry if i haven't been updating my LJ lately. its because summer's just started n i've been busy as heck... aha! so yeup... well, so far i've gone to megs, carlys, n frances place. n i've been chilling with a few close friends of mine. its gone great!

on sunday it was soo funny cuz it was darlene's bday rite, n i went to frances place n we played hide n seek, manhunt, n twister... it was sooo funny. =) n that day was July 9 . ITALIA WON! wooot wooot! lmao. i was soooo happy :) frances wasn't cuz france lost. aha! she was rooting fer france cuz france is in her name.... frances. <---aha! yeah.... twister was sooo funny. my but was rite in front of carly's face... n i bumped her out n she fell. it was soo funny. then meghan's face was rite under my keng keng... that was sooo sick mhiin! welps.... on to the next day.

well... this whole thing is pissing me off. cuz a few daiis ago i heard about jennifer (that girl that was in my last entry), i mean, gossifer tlking shit about my friends mom. n im like WAAA?!?! who'd do that? like rite in their face say oh ur such a slutbag that kinda thing rite... n that rlly pissed me off.... n she's saying shit n asking fer gossip! ugh!!!!! YOU'VE RUINED MANY LIVES ALREADY HAVEN'T YOU HAD ENOUGH??!!?!!?!??! i've felt simpathy for many ppl that made mistakes n they've changed... jennifer on the other hand has not. i gave her a chance... i gave her my trust... my friendship.... n this is how u repay me? tlking, backstabbing, gossiping? saying shit. that's not good. ugh! you r the lowest of the low mhiin! jeez.... you know what jennifer? the first day in sept. imma ignore u. see how it feels 2 b hated. you've lost all your friends, all you have are the teachers... turn to them when you're crying because everyone hates you. turn to them because you're sucha  friiging teacher's pet! jeez..... now i noe y ppl absolutely hate teachers pets....... n gess wut? im through with you. GET A FRIGGING LIFE GOSSIFER!

ahhh.... glad to get that off my chest. n off to the fun things today :) im going to RG BOY's first hair cut. :) he's sooooo adorable. whenever i see him i just wanna sqeeze his cheeks till they go all red n soggy. which is better. LMFAO. okie.... welps... im done. gonna update this thing latuuur. :)
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