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OMG!!! Today was the funnest! :)

AHAHAHAAHAH! okaii... earlier i didn't put things wut happened like at 6 nd 7 cuz i just got there but today was sooo funny! we played DDR nd yeah.... me nd alyssa made up too. but im not her best friend anymore. like im with Mj + Cheska + Meg now. so yeah..... today mj was crying because she thought that since me nd alyssa made up it would b like the same thing. but it's not! trust me... everyone's equal. nd i've changed for the better so yeah. OKAII?!?!?!??!?! lmao. sooo dnt go thinking i've gone coocoo... lmao. : ) OKAY? lmfao. but today was the bomshhh! lmfao.
I gave erika he High School Musical CD. YAY! lmao. nd i gave Mj army capris. cuz i noe mj always wears capris so y not complete her collection? lmao. nd gave meg a halter top. that's cuz she has a million gajilion at home so yeah... its kind of like mj's story... nd gave 'acey a hand bag. malandi naman eh! lmao. sooo yeah. im NOT telling wear my sources are! lmao.

&& Y THE HELL TAKE MY SOX ND SHOES HUH?!?!?! LMAO. its like hide nd seek here eh! my gali! i acted like a baffoon today .... nd kind of acted like jj... ahaha! its tru! i was like attacking mj nd frances today! lmfao. that's cuz frances spit at me nd i felt her cheeto! lmao. nd mj was the one that started to hide one of my sox nd i got one of them then they take both my sox man! jeeez ! .... i spent practically the whole day trying to look fer my sox nd shoes!

AHAHAHA! today was the bestesteestestesetest daii ever! lmao. it was the best party of the year man! lmao. nd now im watching the MMVA's (re-run)... cuz IM HOME! :(

i had to leave at 8:30 cuz my mom sed so... awww... buh i felt sry fer frances cuz she had to leave at 3... buh i felt sry fer KIMBERLEY the most cuz she never even came...cuz we were in a fight nd i told her i might not go nd she's like okaii same... then i had to come cuz i had no choice nd carly came too... so yeah........ carly had to go to a wedding nd she was in it so she had to leave too.... so did mj but she left at 7.

MY GALI ! ... today was super jokes! im glad i came today.
latuur. :)
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