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Summer's Fiiiiiiiiiiine :) [
July 11th, 2006 | 11:53am
[ mood | pissed off ]

HEEEEEEEY ! :) sry if i haven't been updating my LJ lately. its because summer's just started n i've been busy as heck... aha! so yeup... well, so far i've gone to megs, carlys, n frances place. n i've been chilling with a few close friends of mine. its gone great!

on sunday it was soo funny cuz it was darlene's bday rite, n i went to frances place n we played hide n seek, manhunt, n twister... it was sooo funny. =) n that day was July 9 . ITALIA WON! wooot wooot! lmao. i was soooo happy :) frances wasn't cuz france lost. aha! she was rooting fer france cuz france is in her name.... frances. <---aha! yeah.... twister was sooo funny. my but was rite in front of carly's face... n i bumped her out n she fell. it was soo funny. then meghan's face was rite under my keng keng... that was sooo sick mhiin! welps.... on to the next day.

well... this whole thing is pissing me off. cuz a few daiis ago i heard about jennifer (that girl that was in my last entry), i mean, gossifer tlking shit about my friends mom. n im like WAAA?!?! who'd do that? like rite in their face say oh ur such a slutbag that kinda thing rite... n that rlly pissed me off.... n she's saying shit n asking fer gossip! ugh!!!!! YOU'VE RUINED MANY LIVES ALREADY HAVEN'T YOU HAD ENOUGH??!!?!!?!??! i've felt simpathy for many ppl that made mistakes n they've changed... jennifer on the other hand has not. i gave her a chance... i gave her my trust... my friendship.... n this is how u repay me? tlking, backstabbing, gossiping? saying shit. that's not good. ugh! you r the lowest of the low mhiin! jeez.... you know what jennifer? the first day in sept. imma ignore u. see how it feels 2 b hated. you've lost all your friends, all you have are the teachers... turn to them when you're crying because everyone hates you. turn to them because you're sucha  friiging teacher's pet! jeez..... now i noe y ppl absolutely hate teachers pets....... n gess wut? im through with you. GET A FRIGGING LIFE GOSSIFER!

ahhh.... glad to get that off my chest. n off to the fun things today :) im going to RG BOY's first hair cut. :) he's sooooo adorable. whenever i see him i just wanna sqeeze his cheeks till they go all red n soggy. which is better. LMFAO. okie.... welps... im done. gonna update this thing latuuur. :)

Movies :)! ... & the bunny's issue. [
June 27th, 2006 | 5:30pm
[ mood | aggravated ]

Garfield & the tail of two kitties was such a dud. ! it wasn't even that funny. but...... it was okaii... i think frances pretty much loved the movie cuz most of the time she was the one who was laughing like jeff. LMAO

then... michael starts throwing popcorn everywhere nd especially at me, meg, nd mj... lmao. so was yuseph! at the end of the movie... yuseph's like hi mikee then throws like 10 pounds of popcorn at me! jeez.... but it was funny. me nd meg had a popcorn mouth shooting contest and i think i accidentally hit a person up in the front... LMAO

omg! im sooo pissed at jennifer... and whoever's reading this go ahead and tell her or w/e i don't care because this whole thing about the gossip and spreading aroung is WAAAAY too far. she told Adam about mj + ac maaaaan! and look now.... made my friend cry. WTF? and yesterday she did the same onlie wif jj! i mean give us some slack. it's the end of the year.... and u just wanna ruin it by spreading all this? telling all the ppl that told mj not to tell anyone... and make them blame it all on jennifer when it was rlly her fault??!?!?!?! that's not right. YOU SHOULD'VE MOVED BECAUSE IT'S TRUE... EVERYONE DOES HATE YOU! Mjaee finally gave you a chance to be a real friend and you blew it by screwing her life!! AND FOR THE RECORD.... i don't believe that u didn't get a C.... u got an F!!!!!!! 

ugh! people say that you're perfect... i say you're not... you're only smart. but u don't have friends.... you don't have the respect of other's because you always backstab them.
people say you're pretty but you're not... because i onlie see what's inside of people and do you know what i see in you jennifer?

a liar... a backstabber.... a fake. now mj knows better... and i know better. and stop asking the same frigging question after everyone got mad at you before because OF THAT!

"oh ... mikee? do you wanna tell me something?"

And all the bad habits you have.... like:
-putting you're hand in people's faces
-choking ppl?
-throwing grass or stones or anything u can get your dirty hands on at them
-lying to ppl... just to fit in
-saying crap about ppl that aren't even real. (this is like a daily habit for you)

seriously... since you always say you don't care if u backstab us why don't u just have moved?!?!?!?! WE DON'T CARE IF YOU MOVE! I DON'T CARE IF YOU MOVE JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR SCHOOL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!



I EVEN THOUGHT YOU CHANGED!!!!!!!!!! if you like jj then just go for him... stop asking us... ohhh do u think im good for jj? do u think he likes me?

AND YOU'RE NOT VALEDICTORIAN! its true... what michael said was definately true.... you're never gonna b valedictorian... or the smartest.. or athletic director... or anything. you're just a plain old sleezebag trying to fit in by ruining ppl's lives that tried to actually b friends with you.

ahh.... glad to get that out of my chest :) my inspiration - marie joe. LMAO my anger - jennifer butt-mos.!!
-miikaaay :)

Watergun Fight =) [
June 25th, 2006 | 9:11pm
[ mood | drained ]

u noe how today i was very bored... well that changed : ) lmfao.

Today i had a watergun fight with rochelle, nicole, brandon, alyssa, nd erika. its soo frigging funny! i haev the biggest watergun there nd they're like fighting for it! they're liek ahhhh! i want that watergun! lmfao. it was hilarious. then i was wearing slippers nd they kept getting dirty. im like culd u spray my feet? i kept saying that for like 15min. lmao. i got soooo soaked by brandon! MY GALI !

i saw jacob there... i rode his bike : ) lmao! nd he's sooo evil! he calls me his worst enemy mhinn! i see him in church today then the park... nd he's like YOU AGAIN! im tlking to michael about him nd matthews problems with me... lmao. : )

omg.... 4 more daiis till im an intermediate! YAY! soo happy... not so happy because of the slow dancing nd the few trips next year. at least there's teen ranch. yeah!

Guess what im getting this fall... lmao. (i noe... its looong!) or hopefully this summer.... im getting a Nikon or a Sonic.... my mom ses something good that doesn't waste our money,.... LMFAO.

can't wait till the movies : ) Frances is my partner.... i think my decision about the whole friends separate idea rlly got well.... i think it's best fer me nd mj nd fran nd mengi to stay together... :) besides that i think erika nd alyssa r well put together... here.. its way easier :
Me + Mj + Cheska + Mengi
Erika + Alyssa
Michelle + Kim + Carly
Jen + Gill

yeup... that's everyone.... it's all good. no offence but i kind of wanted jennifer to move... i wanted her to move so badly... i just didn't have the heart in me to b mean to her... i bet u all the things she sed about her moving were all FAKE. wanted attention... nothing more... why am i liek this? lmao. im such a softy! ugh! oh welps... nothing we can do now... the smarty pants is still in our school... :(

Sooo Soooo tired. sleepy now. baboo : )

OMG! [
June 25th, 2006 | 3:44pm
[ mood | bored ]

hiii... today im soooooo bored nd hungry nd veerrrry BORED! did i mention im bored?!?!!? great. now this is how im going to spend my summer daiis... till gr.7 ! why oh why oh why?!?!?!?!

this is the gayest day ever! at least mj's on the phone lmfao! HARDY HAR HAR!

im watching The Suite Life of Zac and Cody
(8)this is the suite liiiife... we have the suite liiiiife(8)

lmfao. im sooo bored.....  its sooooo gay of me to not think of anything to do! ugh!!!!! ..... y can't i go to the mall or something? .... cuz i have no one to go with... :( naw naw naw naw naw!!!!!!!!!!

okie... updating this thing again...

OMG!!! Today was the funnest! :) [
June 24th, 2006 | 9:09pm
[ mood | energetic ]

AHAHAHAAHAH! okaii... earlier i didn't put things wut happened like at 6 nd 7 cuz i just got there but today was sooo funny! we played DDR nd yeah.... me nd alyssa made up too. but im not her best friend anymore. like im with Mj + Cheska + Meg now. so yeah..... today mj was crying because she thought that since me nd alyssa made up it would b like the same thing. but it's not! trust me... everyone's equal. nd i've changed for the better so yeah. OKAII?!?!?!??!?! lmao. sooo dnt go thinking i've gone coocoo... lmao. : ) OKAY? lmfao. but today was the bomshhh! lmfao.
I gave erika he High School Musical CD. YAY! lmao. nd i gave Mj army capris. cuz i noe mj always wears capris so y not complete her collection? lmao. nd gave meg a halter top. that's cuz she has a million gajilion at home so yeah... its kind of like mj's story... nd gave 'acey a hand bag. malandi naman eh! lmao. sooo yeah. im NOT telling wear my sources are! lmao.

&& Y THE HELL TAKE MY SOX ND SHOES HUH?!?!?! LMAO. its like hide nd seek here eh! my gali! i acted like a baffoon today .... nd kind of acted like jj... ahaha! its tru! i was like attacking mj nd frances today! lmfao. that's cuz frances spit at me nd i felt her cheeto! lmao. nd mj was the one that started to hide one of my sox nd i got one of them then they take both my sox man! jeeez ! .... i spent practically the whole day trying to look fer my sox nd shoes!

AHAHAHA! today was the bestesteestestesetest daii ever! lmao. it was the best party of the year man! lmao. nd now im watching the MMVA's (re-run)... cuz IM HOME! :(

i had to leave at 8:30 cuz my mom sed so... awww... buh i felt sry fer frances cuz she had to leave at 3... buh i felt sry fer KIMBERLEY the most cuz she never even came...cuz we were in a fight nd i told her i might not go nd she's like okaii same... then i had to come cuz i had no choice nd carly came too... so yeah........ carly had to go to a wedding nd she was in it so she had to leave too.... so did mj but she left at 7.

MY GALI ! ... today was super jokes! im glad i came today.
latuur. :)

Erika's Party =) [
June 24th, 2006 | 2:29pm
[ mood | excited ]

OMG! im kind of happy nd kind of not... but me nd michelle r friends now! lmao =P that's funny... then michelle's like this to erika... <<erika... u r so cool!>>lmao! anyways... now erika's imagining things... lmao. frances is here now.... nd now its not! lmao. someone just answered the door. holy! lmao... then yeah....  :) MOOSE! lmfao... naw naw-- the moose is gone now. >:p mwahahahahah! ksfkhfdjgutrujtkyljthkulugkhjtdyyujhtrhdgvbsdgjhfkxjfhdxfjxdlfsxl;rdeldepryt[-d5i5e-3;trftrtjikog,fdkfkcgfcgghghgkjhjhjgjgjhkljlkl/p
p;:;p00\-\p\p\\\p]\p-\]]]]=]\]]\]  hi there my name is franfran and i like to see !!!

yeah... taht wus frances. lmfao. she has to leave at like 3 nd its 2:38 so yeah... nd she just wanted to do that now :) lmao.
mwajhahahahah! this si sooo freaky. no one's here except me, michelle, nd frances... nd michelle's saying my sunglasses r like dinky. lmao. nvm................. IM LISTENING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!! okie... mj nd jennifer just came now. nd its 2:40 lmao... frances is backtlking to jennifafa now... hehehehe =P okie........ hiii--- mjaee did this....lols ew mikee is humping frances..and thats sicko mannn sicko shes raping her..so fro now..ill b the one to type .. ok flash!! i just heard the flashh..ok hree's jennifer..lmaao ok she ...byes mikee si ehre now.. back :) from humping

CHOKER CHOKER CHOKER CHOKER CHOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awww... jennifer tried to seduce me! she tried to hump me!!! F@#$%*^%$!!!!!!!! lmfao
that there is not a link!!! lmao.

yes!!!! lmfao. okie.... im gonna  update this agen so yeah... latuur.

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